Enter the brain fog


Recently I enjoyed a café breakfast with three of my girlfriends. The conversation was light and full of laughter. As we shivered under blankies and warmed our backs on the gas heaters, the conversation turned to our brains.

One of my friends told me of the time she went to the news agency to buy some birthday cards and ended up walking out of the shop with the game Cards of Humanity. Later she went to write on the birthday cards and do you think she could find them?

Sometimes I will go into our butcher to get something for dinner. When asked what I would like, I tell them that I would like about fifteen minutes to decide. Because making decisions used to be so easy for me, and now, with so much choice on offer, I can quite often feel bamboozled.

Enter the menopausal brain fog. This is where you notice that you don’t quite have your wits about you, as you might have once done. Menopausal Brain fog can be blamed for the following.

  • Hazy thinking
  • Lack of concentration
  • Difficulty when making decisions
  • Finding it hard to focus
  • Forgetfulness

You are not going mad and this too shall pass, but it is a real thing that a lot of us will experience. Read on for some real life examples of what women are going through. (Source – Facebook)

Dee – I couldn’t find my beloved Kindle (with electric blue leather look cover) – found it in the freezer, evidently it resembles the kids lunchbox ice packs. I can never ever find my glasses and I’m sure I waste a large part of my day looking for them.

Heidi – I can’t seem to hang onto a thought any more. I have alarms on my phone to remind me to take tablets, if I don’t do it instantly I lose the thought & get caught up with other stuff & don’t realise until I get my pill box out the next time.

Louise – I can never go to the shops without a list. Even if I am at home and know what I have to get as soon as I walk into the shop my mind is blank. I was a person who remembered everything. Now it is like I have permanent short-term memory loss.

Shae – I set alarms on my phone so I don’t forget to take kids to stuff. Because, more than once, I’ve gone to bed and thought “Oops! We didn’t go to dance/yoga/tutor today”

Roxanne – My all time favourite… start telling someone something important. Half way through look at them and say “I forget where I was going with this”….wanders off aimlessly.

Kathryn – Go to punch my PIN number into the microwave.

To prevent your memory from completely going to seed, The Menopausal Centre suggests that you do the following. (Which we should all probably be doing any, lets face it)

  • Try to keep cool
  • Exercise
  • Develop better sleeping habits
  • East some oily fish
  • Drink red wine, although not too much!
  • Use your brain. It is like any muscle. The more you use it the stronger it will be.
  • Endeavour with any creative pursuits
  • Be like my Mum and become invested in Sudoku!

I think it is important to know that Menopausal Brain Fog is a real side effect of going, what they used to call, “The Change.” You are not going slowly mad, and cut yourself some slack. Did you know that stress is no friend to Menopausal Brain Fog? So load up on all the good stuff like brisk walks, reading, eating proper food, meditating and of course, get them shuteyes when you can.

But mainly I think education and communication can be an enormous help. We are all so fucking hard on ourselves!  Talk to your friends and family about what you are going through. Explain that you are going through a bit of a hormonal shake up, and to be a little kinder as you move through this process.

And invest in a lot of post it notes, always a gal’s best friend!

When if comes to your own brain, are you sharp as a tack?

Or a little mushy?