MP Dutton, Commander Waterford and President Trump walk into a bar…

They all clap each other on the back and order a round of Old Fashioneds. As the  whiskey and citrus runs down their throats, Mr Dutton asked his friends whether there was something that was missing from their drink, because it didn’t taste quite right

The barman had a taste and agreed with his customer. The missing ingredient was bitters.

Step right up folks, and into a modern world that is swinging so far to the right that I am surprised that I have permission to use this computer to spill out my ironic, yet underlined with horror, thoughts on the current political climate here in Australia.

Peter Dutton is possibly our new Prime Minister. Fred Waterford is a Commander in The Republic of Gilead, a fictional totalitarian country, formally known as the United States of America. And of course, President Trump needs no introduction.

All of these men have a few things in common which I think might be interesting to explore further.

Here in Australia, we send our undesirables to remote islands like Manus, so we can wash our hands of all that bother. Peter Dutton was in charge of this here in Australia. Families would be ripped apart with little thought.

In Gilead, the undesirables are shifted off to a faraway land called The Colonies, where they physically toil from sunrise to sunset. Families would be ripped apart with little thought.

And if you are an undesirable in America, you are placed in jail while your children and sent across the country to sit in wire cages in draughty halls. Families would be ripped apart with little thought.

Deirdre Chambers! What a co-incidence!

And let’s look at those who are same sex attracted.

Peter Dutton was furious about this whole topic! Livid. There was no way he was going to support a marriage equality vote and urged everyone to vote no with him.

But things are a little easier in Gilead. If you are a gay woman but can breed, you are safe, as long as you are ok with female circumcision. Other “gender traitors” are hung up on a wall.

But Donald is all good with everything because he is friends of the LGBTQ family, unless you are transgender and want to serve your country. Oh and he pulled funding for all transgender education programs in schools as well as chose to ignore LGBTQ Pride Month…

Peter Dutton is scared of groups of Africans.

Fred Waterford is frightened of The Eyes of God.

While Donald Trump quivers at the sight of a Mexican.

Dutton boycotted the Sorry Speech.

Waterford boycotted pretty much everything decent.

Americans boycotted Trumps Inauguration.

Dutton told journo Samantha Maiden that she was a “fucking witch”.

Waterford told Offred to “Remember your place.”

While Donald Trump, well you can insert sexist comment here. There are whole websites dedicated to it.

Oh I know, I am being a touch dramatic I know. But when you really stop and think about it, it is probably ok be be alert, if not a touch alarmed.

Do you think we are going backwards as a country?