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 I do not eat eggs for breakfast.

 I just don’t like them. I never have. My sister is the same. Perhaps there was eggy trauma had when we were little and we have suppressed it, but eggs are a no for me.

If you search the hashtag BREAKFAST on Instagram, you might be surprised to find over 73 million photos of people sharing the most important meal of the day. A quick glance through the feed and boy, people take extreme pride in what they are eating, not to mention a veritable explosion of colour.

Our grandparents would think we were crackers!

Now, I try not to roll my eyes because each to their own and whatever floats your boat, but since when did what you eat for breakfast became a competition?

Here at Woogsworld we crack out the batter on the weekend and make pancakes, taking advantage of the fact that we have the time to do that, but there IS a bit of competition during the week, as we race to get out the door in time to meet the bus.

Once upon a time, I remember those early mornings as the toddlers and small kids would wake up so very early, often before the sun rose. Well, how things change over the years.

Now I need to go and beg and plead with the boys to get up. And now the weather being the way it is, it is getting harder. My pleas turn to sterner communications and the clock ticks by. It is not relaxing. Then there is a period of about fifteen minutes where it is complete bedlam.

Once they are out the door, the damage is surveyed….

Actually, I think you will find that Mum is your Hero, but I regress….

We are cereal eaters in the house, and when I say eaters, I mean I am at that bloody supermarket more than twice a week. They will eat it forever, at least two bowls in the morning and quite often a bowl in the afternoon. But I don’t mind, because it is quick, good value and is a nutritious alternative to other brekkies and snacks.

I wait until they are off for the day before I get stuck into my duties for the day, aka Keyboard Slave!

The good people at Love Cereal4Brekkie want us to get real when it comes to life. For too long, social media has been used as a filter, to showcase perfection and what we should be striving to achieve. But for every lovely image you see, you don’t get to see the effort and chaos that goes on in the background. Why do we do this to ourselves?

The truth is I want to see the real stuff that will make me feel like it is ok to have a messy kitchen, that life isn’t always spectacular and that being imperfect is perfect by me! I have spent ten years in the Social Media Space and my main message has ALWAYS been about celebrating the mundanity of life.


Washing, tea bags, things that are left out of the fridge… This is the stuff that I relate to. And I want to see your reality too.

Enter to win a $500 Dial-An-Angel Voucher to help give you more time back in your day for the important things in your life!

To enter, you must post two images. The first image will be a close-up shot of your styled brekkie bowl. The second image will reveal the wider scene of reality!


  • Share your image tagging @lovecereal4brekkie and #mybrekkiebowl
  • Make sure your page is public so I can see!


  • Share your images on the designated competition post on the LoveCereal4Brekkie Facebook page
  • Share each image as a separate comment, or create a collage which includes 
both images in the one photo side by side

Because perfection is over-rated, wouldn’t you agree?