As full as a tick in Spring!

This is a sponsored post to Bravecto.

This is my cat Chuy. Most people think that he is named after Chewbacca from Star Wars but in fact, he is named after the American comedian Chelsea Handler’s personal assistant, a cheery bloke called Chuy Bravo.

Chuy’s temperament has changed over the years. He is much crankier since getting a sister a few years ago. His day starts when he screams to be fed, which he then hoovers before departing for the day.

He prefers the company of one of our elderly neighbours, a man called Douglas, and they chat in front of the telly, or sometimes Chuy will go outside with Douglas to keep him company while he tends to his garden. At 4pm on the dot, he comes back home for his dinner.

Having had taken his meal in the usual diabolical way, showing absolutely no manners or gratitude, Chuy then takes his place on the front gate to greet his fans, more elderly people who are taking their afternoon walk, where he allows them to pat him while he tries to have a conversation with them.

If I could translate the feline language, he would be saying something like…

“And then that yappy dog moved in and everything changed….”

 I know that it is hard not to have favourites, and never tell Isobel Barbara this, but if there was an Ark like scenario and only space for one animal… well I think we might leave that there.

We live in area that is surrounded by bushland. Quite often you can wake up to find some wallabies in the front yard. And you get used to removing blue tongue lizards from the backyard and putting them back into the bush.

But not all creatures are as endearing. Yes, I am talking about ticks. I have had to remove ticks from myself and Mr Woog. Once had one on his neck.

I also recall finding a huge tick on Chuy’s ear once, which saw us slide the old visa card across the desk of Dr. Nick, our vet. So now tick checks are a part of Chuy’s beauty regime and I’m obsessed with checking him daily.

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So how did Chuy Lewis become a Woog?

Mum and Horatio arrived home on day with a small black kitten called Jesus. Jesus, because he was born in a barn on, or around, Christmas Day. I objected to the name straight away, as I didn’t really fancy yelling “Jesus, come home. Jesus where are you?” And so I used my power of authority and christened him Chuy.

He was his own cat from the very beginning. Chuy had this irritating habit of leaping on my back unannounced while I was writing. It freaked me out each time, as his little claws sunk into my back. He would try to nurse from my arm when I was holding him and under no uncertain terms did he let you know when he was hungry.

He grew and grew and now he is a (grumpy) old man himself.

Are you a fellow feline fancier?

Tell me about your pussy!