Curly Skin

Sometimes I have a knee jerk reaction to the news, and so when I spotted our Prime Ministers comments on the LGBTI community this week, my outrage kicked into hyperdrive.

“I know…” I thought to myself. “I will write an outraged blog post about this. And I shall title it SCO MO PHOBE!” before thinking I was a very clever wordsmith and I would feel much better spewing out some thoughts about our Prime Ministers thoughts.

But then I had to go and visit Mum in the hospital and run some errands. I had time to think and suddenly, my anger turned to sadness, and utter despair.

Ok, so let’s back it up a bit.

About a month ago I was at a friends birthday bash. She works in the arts and as such, the crowd there were from all walks of life. It was wonderful and I got to meet people that before didn’t exist in my bubble.

One such person was a transgender woman. She was one of the most fascinating people I think I had ever met. Tall, with long blonde hair, we got talking about hobbies and what we liked to do for fun. It turned out my new friend, who was a librarian, was an excellent slam poet.

I insisted that she shared some of her work, and off she went, with powerful poetry echoing from her painted lips. It was quite something.

My new friend was a powerful human, but had not always been so. You see, she  had always identified as female, but had only transitioned several years  ago.

She is now sixty.

Imagine living most of your life as a lie.

Read the whole article here.

My kids go to the local public high school, where tolerance is taught, and under that umbrella they learn about sexuality, all types of sexuality, and what is a healthy, respectful relationship. Both kids have peers in their years who are transgender and they are treated no different to any other kids, because they are taught that ignorance breeds fear, and fear breeds so many damaging emotions that sometimes a thirteen year old does not know how to navigate. And nor should they.

The uncomfortable truth is that young trans people experience a much higher risk of suicide and depression. In fact, in a recent survey by Trans Pathways, it found that half of all trans youth have attempted to commit suicide. To me this is a crises and these kids need so much support from everyone. From peers, parents, schools, health professionals and government.

I no longer am angry with Scott Morrison and his views. Hate begets hate. But I wish that someone would “tap him on the shoulder” and open up his eyes to the fact that people are people, and we all deserve the same respect. Especially those who have been vilified for far too long.

Call an election Mr Morrison. Because nobody wants a Prime Minister with a closed mind, and curly skin.