Mrs Woog, Mrs Berry & Anthony Robbins walk into a bar…


I first met Kim Berry in 1992 at Charles Sturt University when we were both naive eighteen year olds freshly deposited from poncy north shore private schools. Kim was a prefect and I was lucky enough not to be expelled.

Kim had stars in her high achieving eyes whereas if I did actually turn up to a lecture, there was a big chance that I might have been wearing tracksuit pants.

Years later we both graduated and drifted apart.

About ten years ago we re-connected through this newly established platform called blogging. This was back when blogging was NOTHING to do with aesthetics and it was raw and real and inclusive.

We have been through a lot, Mrs. Berry and I. Through births, deaths, marriages and one divorce. I held her hand during her “alley cat” phase. She has been there for me, packing boxes and moving houses. Oh, and she cooks like a mother-fucker!

Anyway, last year we were both getting sick to bloody death of the pretty, shine new “aspirational” social media stars, probably because we were jealous to be honest. Where were the relevant voices speaking to us, 45-year-old battle early, cynical gawaffing eye-rolling wannabes?

So we started a podcast called The Hot Flush.

We found our people! Thousands of women just like us (and one man HELLO ANDREW!) They came out of no-where and nodded along, laughed and cried. WE have our own language. Wasband. Bored now.

We discuss YOUR concerns. We are all tired. We are all over how our country is being run and we get confused by fashion. We pluck stray hairs from our chins during recording breaks. We are not fresh, but The Hot Flush gang is pretty fucking fabulous.

Which brings me to this….

Saturday 13 October


The George Hotel

201 George Street Bathurst NSW 2795

Mrs Berry used her superior writing skills to market our event in a more professional capacity…

The international podcast sensation, THE HOT FLUSH, kicks off its world tour with an afternoon delight in the town where it all began.

Join Mrs Woog and Mrs Berry for two hours of laughs, hot flushes, irrational tirades, swearing and over-sharing.

Forty bucks gets you up close and personal to see just how devoted the two are to facial hair maintenance and a glass of champers. Fancy like. Probably wear your Modibodies or your Poise pads. Hashtag not sponsored.

There are only 50 tickets, so if you are local grab your mates and come along for a fun afternoon. Or if you are really adventurous, make it a gal’s weekend away! The George Hotel has accommodation, where we will be resting our weary heads, or CLICK HERE for other accommodation options.

But the most IMPORTANT thing you need to do right now is get your mitts on a golden ticket by clicking here – THE HOT FLUSH. Lessons in plucking.

Any questions, please leave in the comment section and Sawhole the Tour Manager will assist you.

So, who is coming?

Where else should be go?

Are we actually Anthony Robbins now?