The only reason we do Halloween

Greetings to you on this All Hallow’s Eve, where the ghouls and ghosts of the departed and their world overlaps with ours. Where in the past, the Gaelic Community would get together and check out their crops to see whether they had enough to get through a long, hard winter, and where someone once blamed the spirits for such a crappy harvest.

So bonfires were lit around the crops, which attracted the bats. Villagers would wear masks and costumes to appease the spirits, so their crops could be spared.

So how did this turn into Trick or Treating?

Poor people would use this day, 31st of October, to go door to door, begging for food or coins, in return for their prayers to save the occupants of the house from the ghouls and ghosts that are about at this time of the year. Kids, being the smart things that they are, cottoned on to this trend, and started to dress up and join in.

With the huge influx of Scottish and Irish immigrants making their way across to America in the early 90th Century, so did this tradition. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Oh America, the mightiest early adopter of all that can be made commercialized! You will sniff out a celebration, grasp it with both hands and run with it. It is estimated that the Halloween Industry is worth 8 billion dollars annually in the US, which is enough to take your breath away, momentarily considering passing over onto the other side, before being bought back to life by a Packer Whacker.


What are the fun police? Well, in a nutshell they police fun. You know, folk who find fault in things that other people find joy in?

Take the Medical Journal of Australia, who likens Halloween as a public health risk. To which, I retort with the words of a very wise woman, the wonderful Edina Monsoon….

“I mean, you know, why can’t life just be made a little easier for everybody, eh? Why can’t it be more like the Continent, and then run down the street in front of charging bulls whilst letting fireworks off out of his bloody nostrils without anyone blinking an eye? Uh? Because it’s probably a local holiday and nobody’s at work because they all want to have just a little bit of fun and they’re not intimidated by some outdated work ethic. I mean, there has to be more to life than just being safe…”

But alas, it would appear that the majority of Australians would wear the Fun Police badge when it comes to Halloween, with 63% thinking that it is un-Australian to celebrate it, according to a newspaper survey.

Just last night I told Mr. Woog that we were not going to be partaking in Halloween tomorrow night. I fully suspected him to shrug his shoulders in the manner of “whatever…” but his reaction surprised me.


The bowl is a battery operated $2 shop special that we have had for a decade now, and each time a little hand reaches in, it ghoulish eyes light up and it screams at you while jerking its’ head up and down like it is having an epileptic fit. It always makes me jump and sets the dog off for a good ten minutes.

Here it is….

So, I suppose as long as we have THE BOWL, we will be partaking in Halloween. Makes perfect logic, don’t you think?

Halloween. Are you on board or do you call bullshit.