Do you know what today is?

Today, Tuesday the 13th of November, is International Kindness Day. Sometimes I think that we might be overdosing on THEMED days. Take for example, Brazil started the movement of International Orgasm Day, which Brazilians celebrate next week on the 18th, but us down under have to wait until the 31st of July.

I suspect that it has something to do with the weather. Perhaps you orgasm better under a certain temperature? That is my theory anyway. Anyway, whatever. Pop it in your diary now.

And while we might be waiting a while to celebrate an orgasm for a while, those sneaky freaky Dutch folk are still reflecting on their Roodharigendag, which is a two day festival celebrating all of those people born with red hair.

“Activities during the festival are lectures, workshops and demonstrations which are aimed specifically at red-haired people. The festival attracts attendance from fifty countries and is free of charge due to sponsorship of the local government. To be classified a ‘Redhead’, each participant must not have altered their natural hair colour.”

But let’s get back to a day that we actually have a sniff of a chance of being involved in. International Kindness Day. It was established in 1998 by The World Kindness Movement.

Their primary aim is to reverse the trend of the fact that there are a lot of selfish assholes in the world, well, that is my interpretation anyway. And when you read the news, look at what is going on in both our government and those of our overseas friends, it can be a worrying thought that the world is over-representated with selfish assholes. But I am proud to say that and Australian is on the current board. Give it up for Kayleen Allen (World Kindness Australia) who is the current Treasurer!

Here at WoogsWorld, I try to instil the notion of kindness as one of our family values. Sometimes, however, it is difficult. So I thought I would share a few of our house rules when it comes to promoting kindness under this particular roof.

  • If you use the remaining toilet roll, replace it and put the empty one in the bin.
  • If you take a manky, wet towel into your bedroom, once you are dressed, go back to the bathroom and hang in up.
  • Do not stick your foot out when you are sitting on the couch to deliberately trip up another family member.
  • Do not text me from the next room to ask me to make you a cup of tea.
  • Do not take money from my wallet without asking.
  • Do not pretend to listen to me, while smiling and nodding, while you have your tiny ear-pods in.
  • Do not come to me and tell me that you have an extra ballet rehearsal which started twenty minutes ago.

But I do see moments, snippets even, of kind acts. I even found Horatio taking out the very full garbage bin once without being asked. Mr. Woog brings me a coffee in bed each Saturday and Sunday, while Jack is always at the ready to help me “get styled” if I have to go to a special function.

Recently, at our local shop, an elderly lady was getting quite flustered as she went to pay for her groceries and realised that she had left her wallet at home. There were a few of us in the queue behind her. Watching herself get quite worked up and embarrassed, we all chipped in a couple of bucks and paid for her stuff. Being kind is free (mainly, unless you are paying for someones groceries), it feels good and lets out a wave of great karma into the world.

So whether it is taking back a trolly for someone in the supermarket, opening a door, telling someone that they are looking fabulous, patting a dog tied up outside a store, or simply smiling and saying “Top of the morning to you good sir!” on your morning work, try to do something kind for someone. And don’t just do it today. Do it everyday.

This post is dedicated to my Mother In Law, who is the kindest person I know and has taught me so much.

Done anything good for someone recently?