Madness takes its toll. Please have the exact change.

I am not that clever as to come up with that title myself. It is from anon.

Lately I have been doing a LOT of research into hormones. Being a lady of a certain age, I and trying to work out if I am legit going bonkers, or whether it is something that is completely our of my control. Do I actually want to stab people because they are irritating, or am I just irritated at everything?

I spoke to Mum about it the other day, telling her that my moods were very moody. That one minute I might be laughing hysterically and the next minute sobbing. Like the bitch flip can be flicked on without prompt or warning. She was very assuring and told me that I would get though this and then return back to calmer seas.


Fucking Estrogen is leaving the building! Low levels of this hormone can manifest in the following.

  • painful sex due to a lack of vaginal lubrication
  • an increase in urinary tract infections (UTIs) due to a thinning of the urethra
  • irregular or absent periods
  • mood swings
  • hot flashes
  • breast tenderness
  • headaches or accentuation of pre-existing migraines
  • depression
  • trouble concentrating
  • fatigue

I can legit tick seven of those suckers off my moody list. Now let, me tell you about how you can eat your way though this. Unfortunately the foods suggested are NOT FUN. No Zinger burgers, or cheeseburgers or hot chips. Or Twisties, gin or Diet Coke.

There is this thing called phytoestrogens that can help lift your levels of estrogen. These are found in VERY UNFUN FOODS like the following.

Soy foods, including soybeans, tofu, miso, and tempeh. Fucking hippy food.

I have always claimed that once you hit your 40’s, you are no longer needed to be a baby making machine so mother nature try to turn you into man, complete with moustache. Oh and did I mention lower levels of estrogen can you you stack on the kegs as well. What a glorious time to be alive! But if you are eating that crap up there, you should be fine.

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So tell me friends. Where are you in the great circle of life?

Smooth sailing or are you also on the rollercoaster?