Walking through the car park this week at a busy shopping centre, I stopped when I saw a lady. She would have been maybe in her late 60’s. She was impeccably dressed, with denim jeans, silver loafers, a simple white crisp cotton shirt and a big strand of enormous pearls.

“I just wanted to say that you look amazing. I love your style.” I said to her without even thinking.

She absolutely beamed at me and said with a European accent…

“Thank you! I really needed to hear that today.”

And then we parted ways and got on with our lives. It is easy to be nice, it is free and when done without agenda, makes people feel good.

Later, when I got home, I opened up my messages and found one that made me flinch. It was a reader who did not beat about the bush. She told me, in no uncertain terms, that after reading my blog for eight years, she could no longer tolerate me as I clearly hated the current government and I was obviously being paid by the Labour Party.

Ouch. (Bill, where is my cheque?)

I am not even going to address that ridiculous claim, but I will tell you that it has rattled me this week. Like, badly. My anxiety flared up and I started to question what the hell I was doing. I reached out to a wise friend who talked a little sense back into me.

This is a very self-indulgent post, hey!

I have never claimed to be perfect, in fact it is the imperfections and the munadinites of life that I find more interesting. It is these small tales and observations that I like to craft into (hopefully) humorous recounts. And yes, sometimes I will get a little political from time to time. I don’t paint a picture of a perfect life, nor do I judge social media users that do. Everyone is on their own path. I just try not to be a dick.

Susan, what you wrote to me was a dick move.

My blog is like anything that you can get into. I remember I was obsessed with Sweet Valley High books, then I outgrew them. I have had readers who have been along for the ride for a while, and then they outgrew me. This is normal! I get it. I suppose I just haven’t had a mean message for a while and I am not good at pretending that I am ok, when I am not.

Words hurt. Try to choose yours carefully.

Anyway, short one today. Thank you for listening. Appreciate the ear.