The Little Bag for Emergencies

If you have ever had babies, you will know the importance of the baby bag. You basically could not leave the house without this bag, as it contained all of the things that could cope with any emergency that undoubtedly would come your way. Like a spare set of clothes in case of a shit explosion or a power spew. Extra nappies and a packet of wipes. Dummies, blankies, bottles, breast pads, you name it, it was in there.

The bag was huge when you had your first baby, and subsequently shrank as you had more babies until you would just chuck a nappy in your handbag and out the door you went.

And maybe in your twenties, before you had bred and might have spent your Friday and Saturday nights at clubs and pubs, you would have a tiny little handbag with just a tampon and a credit card in it, because if you are of my vintage, mobile phones had not yet been invented yet.

As you get older, your handbag tends to get bigger. This is a natural progression as your bag now needs to haul around your bulging wallet full of store loyalty cards and receipts from 2015. You have a notebook and seventeen pens in there. Oh, and the twelve lipsticks, a hairbrush, your mobile phone and all the chargers you might need in case your plane is delayed. Oh and the hand cream! Don’t forget the hand cream because heaven forbid you look down at your paws and reelĀ in horror at the lizard like texture of them!

Your handbag becomes your mobile life support system, but recently I have discovered that some of my gorgeous girlfriends have taken it to the next level.

A group of us were recently indulging in a lovely long lunch, when I felt the pang in my guts that signals the beginning of Shark Week. Oh the joy of womanhood.

“Does anyone have a Naprogesic?” I asked the table.

My mates all whipped out their large handbags and from those handbags, procured a smaller zippered bag. Like this…

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The next few moments I was offered more pharmaceuticals that a youth that might have been spleandoring in the grass! Not only were they packing the magic blue pill that silences womb ninjas, but there was a virtual treasure chest of chemist stuff on offer! It was inspired. Items included, but were not limited to the following..

  • Little packets of tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • Nasal spray
  • Rescue Remedy Spray
  • eye drops
  • Zovirax
  • Xanax
  • Cotton Buds
  • Tweezers
  • Magnesium spray
  • tampons
  • bobby pins
  • Mints to alleviate coffee breath
  • Lavender essential oils
  • Lip balms
  • nail scissors

I realised that I had been ignoring my aged based right to carry a chemist around with me, and I am going to address that toot sweet. No longer will I walk around with cramping calf muscles, dry, itching eyes or fret about the fact that I have a tell-tale tingle on my lip of an incoming cold sore. I am going to arm myself for all impending cases of discomfort. So if you see me out and about and need medical assistance, feel free to tap me on the shoulder. For I am now a woman. A real one!

Do you have a magical bag of medical solutions?

What can’t you leave the house without?