Totes Worth It

So many of you by now would know that one of my Bloggy Besties has opened an awesome online store. You can shop all the goodness at Babymac’s Add To Cart HERE. I was quick off the mark to order the Tribeca Tote. Here it is in situ going to Trivia Night with me. We came second last FYI.

This tote bag totally ticks all my boxes. It is sturdy, roomy, easy to access the seventeen lipsticks that one tends to carry around with them. The gold hardware is as hardy as fuck, thank god because it all came in handy last week with what could have been a dramatic outcome.

You see, I was waiting with some friends outside a cafe to be seated when a large dog of questionable heritage came hurtling up the busy path. The road was also very busy so I was concerned that he was going to meek his maker earlier than scheduled. Now, we are a suburb of spoodles, labradoodles and gravoodles, so this big, friendly boofhead was extremely out-of-place. He had a collar on, but no tag.

Now, I know that I couldn’t just let him go, so we put our heads together to come up with a plan. And then I remembered. The Tote!

You see, the tote comes with a long strap with clip on gold fasteners! WE HAD OURSELVES A LEAD PEOPLE! And then our table was announced as being ready.

So one of us went inside and ordered a bottle of pinot, while Ms. Leith and myself walked the dog over to the car. If there is any opportunity to pop into our local vet, Hot Dr. Nick, I am there. Now the dog was not easy to walk, he pulled quite a bit, but the tote strap could take it very well.

We walked into Hot Dr. Nick’s rooms and he glanced up.

“Got a stray have we?”

We both nodded, like star struck teenagers at a Maroon Five concert.

“I think I know this fella. He has been bought in before.”

HDN then put another lead on him, I look back my bag strap as he explained that this dog was a tradesman’s dog who was working in the local area. He took the dog off our hands, I attached the strap back onto my tote and we went and had some lunch. I had the pork. It was very good. My Northshore Trophywife Game was strong that day, as I had TWO glasses with lunch!

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