Confidential Confidence Cordial Considerations

Concert season is well and truly in full swing across Australia at the moment as we fill up our calendars with Christmas concerts, Presentation Assemblies, Dance extravaganzas, School Farewells and a plethora of other official events to celebrate your child’s achievements. It is a time for educators to show off what they can do with children, whether it be bang on a triangle up the back of the band, through to fully professionally produced productions.

As a parent, sometimes it is a long wait until your child appears on the stage, and as you follow the program and count down until it is your kids time to shine, you might take avail to one of the many products out there to help you pass the time.

After much research, I am pleased to present you with my top five essentials on how to get a serving of confidence cordial on the sly, at an official end-of-year event.

These booze bangles have been around for a while now, and I have certainly spotted them at the local Primary Schools Christmas Carol evening each year. Able to contain 100 mils of liquid, I suggest vodka would be the best option for you. It also comes in those gold. Order yours HERE. 

Now this is a very nifty option for those who has chosen a religious school for your kids education. I know that there are plenty of long-winded church services that you are expected to attend in the coming weeks. And won’t you appear even more dedicated by carrying your own bible! Order yours HERE. 

Sturdy. Stylish. Smart. Discreet. These are the words that I would use to describe the WBB-009 Fully Insulated Wine bag in Rose Gold. Other colours also available. I can see this one as a bit of a handy asset all year around. Perfect for park gatherings and outdoor school events. Order yours HERE

For ultimate discretion, you cannot go past the Wine Bra. Available in small, medium and large, no one will know that you are getting your buzz on during the singing of Advance Australia Fair. IN JOYFUL STRAINS THEN LET US SING INDEED SISTER! Up your cup size without surgery and watch your boobs shrink over the two hours as you are slowly melting into the plastic chair in an un-airconditioned hall. Order yours HERE

Another uni-sex option, like the Bible, there is always an opportunity to pap your kid while they perform unless photography is banned. But this nifty camera flask will raise no eyebrows and is also one that you can always carry in your handbag without suspicion. Well priced too, at $14.95 so kind to the budget as well! Order yours HERE

Being a thorough researcher, there are literally hundreds of options out there to get you through the next few weeks, but I consider these five to be the best.

Which one appeals to you?

How many end of year events are you going to?