The Work Christmas Party

Working solo has its benefits and its drawbacks. I am one of a million Australians who work from home. That figure grows each year as people throw off their suits, whack on their trackies and pop on the kettle. Some people work very effectively from home, while others are absolutely useless at it. I am fairly useless at it. You see, I am not averse to pushing back projects in lieu of spending time watching Ellen. My addiction to all things featuring caffeine sees me down at the café several times daily, where sometimes I will run into a mate and boom, there goes an hour. Wasted whining about whatever needs my attention.

I do not write checklists. I do not have a special computer program that tells me to when I need to invoice clients but I certainly will click over onto any email alerting me to a super sale that is currently on.

Instead of writing a post or researching an article, I will spend hours trawling the Internet planning a non-existent holiday to Italy. I will actually go through all the motions, selecting my seats on the plane and upgrading myself, until it comes down to the part where you have to put your credit card details in.

A credit card that is maxed out.

Because I have not been invoicing anyone.

But I do miss the old office Christmas Parties, where Janette from accounts becomes a karaoke queen. David, in charge of logistics bails up the CFO Gary, to tell him how he could do his job WAY better! Toby the mail boy tells you that he is in love with you, (true story dat) while Margaret from Marketing weeps quietly in the corner because she hates all of her colleagues. But she is weeping while wearing reindeer antlers. The room temperature cleanskin wines go well with the room temperature cheese cubes and everyone cracks the shits when the Christmas Bonuses are announced.

A Rotary Christmas Cake for Everyone!

Douglas from Editorial, fired up under the influence of a dozen fermented beverages, flips his bitch switch and resigns on the spot. Amanda cops a drink to the face from Magda after Amanda told Tracey that she thinks Magda’s crystal deodorant is in-effective. And that she always reeks of goulash. Tracey cannot be trusted with such sensitive information.

Oh, how I do miss the Office Christmas Party!

Having said that, I am in deep preparations right now for The Hot Flush Podcast Christmas party with is on this afternoon! So, it is just me and Mrs. Berry, but who know? We might wake up in each others arms, sporting matching tattoos! And eyebrow piercings.

Have you had your work Christmas Party yet?