What Sparks your Joy?

Ok so the name Marie Kondo is not actually an off-the plan mid-priced affordable housing option. It is the name of a 34 year old Japanese Superstar who has made millions teaching people how to fold t-shirts into teeny-tiny rectangles.

She released her best seller The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up in 2011 and only a few days ago, Netflix released her series called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and the world imploded. And I know this because I work on the internet and it is all anyone is talking about.

Tidying Up.

Remember when you were a kid and you would be told to go “tidy your room or you won’t have a birthday this year…” so you could go in and shove everything under the bed, or in the closet. My favourite thing to so was to put the neat pile of clean clothes left on my bed BACK into the dirty laundry basket. It is only now, as a mother, I can see how it is these types of behaviours have seen a rapid rise in day drinking.

Now, I have always been a bit of a minimalist so the thought of following Marie’s methods don’t scare me that much. It is more to do with the fact that I just cannot be fucked. I am beginning to think, however that I am in the minority. Just yesterday, I was at the loathefull shopping centre watching women strip the shelves of the storage container section at K-Mart.

“Are you KonMaring?” and then they would all squeal with enthusiasms only usually saved for when you hear the sound of a champagne cork opening or when you thought it was Thursday but really, it is Friday! I wanted to point out the fact that the reason that they were all “KonMaring” was that they had spent far too much time in K-Mart to start with, but I didn’t want this getting back to the K-Mart Mums Facebook Page, because by all accounts, those women can be quite frightening, and I am middle aged and not up for a virtual spanking.

Marie Kondo’s Netflix special features families who cannot keep their shit together, in the fact that things do not have a proper home and there are thousands of things that you keep for no reason at all.

It all began when Kondo¬†experienced a breakthrough in organizing one day, “I was obsessed with what I could throw away. One day, I had a kind of nervous breakdown and fainted. I was unconscious for two hours. When I came to, I heard a mysterious voice, like some god of tidying telling me to look at my things more closely. And I realized my mistake: I was only looking for things to throw out. What I should be doing is finding the things I want to keep. Identifying the things that make you happy: that is the work of tidying.”

That God has never darkened my doorstep.

But people are flocking to the movement like it is a new religion, with Marie touted as their Guru. No longer are people doing to time honoured “roll up and stuff into a cupboard and slam the door on the whole mess.” They are mindfully holding an item and asking in their heart, “Does this spark joy in me.”

And she can get away with this ridiculous diatribe because she is just so damned delightful, adorable, giggly, petite and cute!

Joy, is known in Japanese as TOKIMEKU which is then translated to FLUTTER, THROB and PALPITATE. And if that indeed was the honest truth, the only thing left in my entire house would be the contents of my bedside drawer. If you know what I mean. The rest of it, well, meh…..

Are you KonMaring at the moment?