The Coffee and Cake Committee

Do you ever think that your mental age is way off where your chronicle age is at? Some days I feel like I am 23 while others I feel like I am about to hit 80. And then you start to notice little rituals that you do which lands you smack bang where you are supposed to be. For me, that is 45.

Yesterday Huffy Puffy was taken in the pool. Now I used to think aqua-aerobics was the ultimate in cheating workouts, but that was when I used to partake in it in a rather large group and you could hide up the back. When you are in a smaller group, there is no hiding the fact that you are not partaking in the suggested moves. I was feeling rather blah, to be honest, so I decided to go at it hammer and tong, to try to achieve a hit of those elusive endorphins.

I think it worked because today I can hardly type.

I came home and was bashing away at the computer when Mum appeared at the door for a cuppa. Because I have two teenaged boys, we never have milk so it was off to the cafe for us. I commented on the humidity as we took our seats, before reaching into my handbag to pop my Evening Primrose Oils. Having ordered our coffee and cafe, we sat back to chew the fat.

I bemoaned to Mum about the dreadful state of our country, while she shrugged her shoulders and told me that we didn’t know how lucky we were to live here. Point taken.

Then I looked around the clientage of the cafe and realised that it was full of middle-aged and older ladies all enjoying coffee and cake and it was at this point that it hit me.

I was in the Coffee and Cake Committee. I can’t even remember putting my hand up for it.

You know when you are walking through a shopping centre at 11am on a weekday, you may notice that all of the cafes are full of smiling groups of women treating themselves to coffee and cake? The ultimate $8 special

Why, even last week I met up with two friends for, you guessed it….. a flat white and a friand! What used to be a booze fuelled session at a wine bar was not a much tamer event. And I do not hate it.

Which brings me back to 45. Let’s look at the facts.

  • I did aqua-aerobics
  • I bitched about the humidity
  • I took Evening Primrose Oil
  • I complained about the state of the country
  • I agreed with my Mum about many things
  • I partook in coffee and cake and delighted in its simple virtues

And so I am officially middle-aged, you cannot deny the facts. “Can I please book a one way ticket please?” to the land of never-ending coffee and cake.

What rituals have you recently adopted?