The Pros & Cons of The Boilersuit

A new fashion trend has come to my attention and I am just not sure what to make of it. Featuring heavily at recent fashion weeks in Paris and New York, it is a garment that I think is just as divisive as Crocs.

Originally worn by men maintaining coal-fired boilers, it has now filtered down from the Stella McCartneys and Gucci’s of the world to the point that you can now find them at the local shopping centres.

I present for your consideration, the boiler-suit.

Just looking at it makes me hot, and not in a good way. Now that the weather has turned slightly, I have donned a cardigan a few times in the last week, but the humidity is off the charts around these parts. So I am shivering and sweating at the same time, as ladies in their mid-forties and beyond tend to do.

So let us take a deep dive into this latest trend.

Boiler -a fuel-burning apparatus or container for heating water.

Suit – a set of outer clothes made of the same fabric and designed to be worn together


  • Easy to just put it on and not think about what goes with what
  • Several have loads of pockets, good for storing personal cooling devices such as hand-held fans
  • Good for when you haven’t picked up a razor in a while
  • Good for those who haven’t moisturised lately
  • Can wear with thongs and be ironic
  • Possibly good for those who suffer from the bloat
  • No elastic digging in anywhere


  • Looks silly if not working in the Boiler industry
  • If you are susceptible to sweat, you are literally marinating in your own filth
  • Where do the farts escape? WHERE? Issues…..
  • Dehydration issues
  • Heat stroke susceptible
  • In danger of looking like a complete fashion victim
  • Problematic if you get the stomach flu and there is a big line up for the bathroom
  • Might be asked for assistance in the carpark to help change a tyre

So in conclusion, my fashionista friends, this is one trend that I am going to steer clear of. Thank you, NEXT!

What about you? Do you dare to don this trend?