My Cup is Nearly Full

Well hello there friends. I hope you had a nice week. I took myself offline for the week as my wheels got a bit wobbly over the dreadful state of current affairs. I find that it is great to take a step back, read a book, hang out with mates.

Whether it is a good or bad thing, I get very affected by big bad news, as well as small stuff. So I went and filled up my cup at a friends farm.

When I arrived home, we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and recorded this weeks episode of The Hot Flush. I do hope you enjoy!

Click to listen

World events have sent us reeling this week so we do our best to avoid them by talking about another Mrs Berry health crisis, dog spew, making friends at a time in life we generally hate all people and other stuff.

PS We have a handful of tickets left to The Hot Flush Dinner. Click here for details.