Win one of three copies of Zealot. A book about cults.

I first met Jo Thornely in a dodgy pub in St. Leonard’s. She had been a reader of the blog for a while and I had been enamoured by her twitter feed. So we went on a date and have been firm friends ever since.

Earlier this year, I got an email from the publicist at Hachette, asking me if I would like to receive and advanced copy of her new book.

I told her I would accept the copy, if she publicly apologised for dacking me in Bali.

You see, Jo and I travelled to Bali for a girly week break. I gave her control of the blog, while she gave me control of her Tinder account. You can read about it here. Seven Things I learned about Mrs Woog in Bali.

I learnt that Jo liked beer.

Jo is one of the most entertaining writers I know and she has just released her latest book called Zealot. This came about as a result of her podcast of the same name going absolutely apeshit, so of course a book was the next step.

(Side note Mrs. Berry. The Hot Flush book. Put in on the list of things that we think is a great idea but never do)

I am not sure why, but I find cults quite fascinating. And it appears that quite a few people do. Here is Jo, talking about her book Zealot.

Jo, I really like that playful music on in the background as you talk about Jonestown. At the launch last night, I accosted her publisher Robert, and asked if I could have three copies to give away to three of my readers. I was quite insistent. He agreed that would be fine SO…..


To enter, just leave a comment on the blog telling me why you should win. It is that simple. I will get Jo to choose 3 winners and will announce them back here on this post on Monday 11th March.

Now I must away, as I have important work to start….. Order your copy of Zealot HERE.