Work Experience

Recently we received an email from the school telling us that Horatio had better start thinking about what he wanted to do for compulsory work experience at the end of the year which is completely bonkers as he was just born last week.

Currently, he wants to study law as he loves arguing. His economic teacher recently told him that he “had the face of a CEO,” which is probably better than having the face of an NRL thug. He also has to put together a CV. Hobbies included, I suspect, will be grunting and eating.

When I was a wee lass in primary school I wanted to be a vet and so I spent a bit of time one holidays at the local vet clinic, making a general nuisance of myself. For all those people out there who take on work experience people, you are good humans. I spent my days patting cats and dogs, and talking to them all about what good boys and girls they were.

Then, a farmer bought in a crate of chicks and I thought all my dreams had come true! I dozen fluffy little munchkins to fondle and love. I am a poultry fancier from way back. Chooks are my bag baby!

And play with them I did. All that cheeping, well it was a wonderful morning spent. After Iunch, which was s Vegemite sambo taken in the car park, I came back into the clinic, passed the receptionist and into the rooms where I stood shocked, in horror and disbelief. Because there, on the big metal table, lay the bodies of my baby chickens while the evil murdering vet started to dissect them. I burst into flood of tears. There was Sunshine, Honey Bunny, Olivia Newton John and all of my other friends GONE.

The vet explained to me that the farmer had a shed of chicks, a lot of who were mysteriously dying, and he had to investigate as to why. Those poor, innocent chickens, denied a full life by sacrificing their own so that others may live. And then I realised that being a vet wasn’t about patting dogs and cats. It was about FIXING dogs and cats. And observing the circle of life.

I didn’t want to do that.

Years later, I decided that I would become a writer and did my high school work experience at The Land newspaper where I was stuck behind a desk calling farmers for grain prices, while they made fun of me because I couldn’t say “Triticale” correctly. For those interested, triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye.

And that is what I learnt at work experience.

Where did you do work experience and what did you learn?