It ain’t all that bad….

Having turned my phone off for 24 hours due to living under a cloud of impending doom following the current state of play in the world, I remembered something my Wicked Step Mother said to me years ago.

We were at a ballet eisteddfod on the Northern Beaches, watching little people dancing their hearts out in a cold and draughty hall. As we watched the soloists perform, she turned to me and said.

“There is still so much beauty in the world, don’t you think?”

We can lose sight of the beauty in its most simple forms when we choose to fill our brains with the impending doom. The news cycle is now a 24-hour beast that needs continual feeding. I have been guilty of overconsumption recently and it isn’t good for one’s mindset.

Today I tuned out and spent some time with friends who make me laugh. Real face to face time and I will tell you this for free. There is no better tonic, no better feeling and no better medicine than living in the real world.

One of my favourite things to do every week is to chew the fat with my old friend Mrs. Berry. I hope you get off your phone, after listening ot the Hot Flush Podcast of course, and reconnect with the real world.

Because it ain’t all that bad.