It’s Just My Opinion ​

Back in the day, I used to write a lot of opinion pieces for other media outlets. I can tell you this for free, to be a successful opinion writer, you needed to ability to piss people off. To be deliberately divisive.

Which is why I found myself issuing public apologies to organisations such as the Sydney Cycling Club, The North Shore Mums Facebook Group and the NSW Ferret Welfare Society. I take my hat off to Peter Tits-Pervert, Jane Caro and the like. They have armour built of steel! I retreated back into the relatively safe world of personal blogging and then started Podcasting at The Hot Flush.

The Podcast opened up some great opportunities, one of which to provide social commentary, advice if you will, for our National Broadcaster. Kim and I sit in the ABC office and laugh at each other as our professional opinions are sought on all matter of important topics. We find it hilarious as we do not regard ourselves of winning at life in any way. Quite the opposite in fact!

So I thought I would just share a few thoughts about opinions and advice. With social media, everyone has a platform to share their opinion.

“Well it is MY opinion and I am allowed to have it!”

Of course you can, Susan.

But tt makes for a very loud world. Everyone bleating out their opinion or offering up advice. And when it all gets too much, I go to ground.

When you ask for someone’s opinion, you have to be very prepared that they are not always going to tell you what you want to hear. You cannot ask for someone’s opinion and then get all Bye Bye Felicia on them.

And when it comes to advice, I have two very stringent rules. Listen up please, and take notes if required. I have learnt this the hard way.


  • You have been specifically asked for it
  • You ask permission FIRST to share your advice

Think about the last person who insisted that they dish out advice and how you really just wanted to reach out and smack that smirk off their goddam face.

And always remember, as Scott Fahlman once said, “If you can’t take the heat, don’t tickle the dragon.”

And just to let you know, I can change my opinion of this post at any time without any warning.

How do you deal with unwanted advice?