The Sandwich Generation

On the weekend I went along to a gathering of gals who graduated in the class of 1991. Oh, a school reunion can send many folks running for the hills! Dredging up decades of bad memories and social awkwardness, I get it. But I always go.

This reunion was different to the others.

Having chatted to everyone, I took a step back to observe the room. There was a certain feeling in the air, and then I realised something.

Everyone looked a little battle weary.

In reunions of the past, there were certain social benchmarks that were evidently being met. First, there was the one where everyone gushed about their great jobs. The next one was the Engagement/Wedding edition. Then, of course, the fifteen-year reunion was all about babies! Many photos were shown.

But this one, as we are only a few years away from celebrating thirty years of freedom, there was an aura of weariness. And I knew exactly why. We are the sandwhich generation.

The Sandwich Generation is the time that you hit in your mid-forties where everything has kind of plateaued out and you are left raising teenagers while keeping a close eye on your ageing parents. 45 is also the average age in Australia, that people get divorced.

There were quite a few of my classmates who had closed the book on their old lives and were starting to crack the spine of their next adventure. We spoke of our parents, whose Mum and Dad were still with us.

We shared tales of real life, who went broke, who went mad, who lost out on the game of love. Who was taking medication, who was in therapy… We honestly shared our battle scars while taking off the dusty masks of perfection which can get simply exhausting.

So in conclusion, if you are the part of our Sandwich Generation, take it easy on yourself. And be nice to your kids, as it is them that will choose your aged care facility.

Are you battle weary too?