I live in a suburb home to plenty of dogs. Being a dog owner myself, I get to know them as we wander the streets together.

There are a pair of huge poodles, whom I call the King and Queen of the streets because they are so regal as they make their way down the road. If you are lucky, they may allow you to pat them and tell them how royal they are.

Then there is Paddington and Chelsea, two very excitable border collies who drag their walker around the blocks. Sometimes when they escape, they turn up on my front door. I welcome them inside and call their Mum, who happens to be a good friend of mine.

There was an escape artist whippet called John, who used to try to eat my guinea pigs, but sadly had more success over at Mrs. O’Kellys place.

Oh and then there is the CUTEST little white fluffy called Taffy. Taffy is a bit of a trouble maker and has a deep obsession with my dog Isobel. One day, Taffy’s Dad was wandering the streets, calling out for the dog. Mr Woog and I went outside to look for her.

“My wife is going to fucking kill me…” the man was in a complete panic. It was starting to get dark. I walked back past our place when I noticed a flash of fluff and realised that Taffy was having a wrestle with Isobel on our couch.

We don’t see much of Taffy these days. That is because she came bounding up to our front door a few weeks ago, and barked to be let in. Then I heard the sound of Chuy in full attack, followed by a series of high pitched yelps that got fainter as she ran all the way home.

And then there is Nemesis.

Although not his official name, Nemesis is just that. A long-standing rival; an arch-enemy.

You wouldn’t know it to look at him. He is a small terrier who is owned by an elderly couple. We first became aware of his foul nature when I once tried to pat him years ago. If I was to pick one word to describe that encounter, it would be SNARL.

Then when Isobel came along, she got quite the rude shock when she bounded up to Nemesis to say hello, only to be given a swift slap across the face. I have even seen Nemesis take a snap at its owner!

Our whole family will be in the car and someone would cry out NEMESIS! and we would spy him, going about his grumpy day.

So in conclusion, dogs are very much like people. You get your happy ones, your shy ones, ones that clearly should be medicated for mood disorders, over-eaters, inappropriate behaviours, yes. Very much like humans indeed.

Me? I am definitely a chocolate Labrador.

What sort of dog would you be?