Self Imposed Long Service Leave

I have been blogging FOR A VERY BLOODY LONG TIME NOW. Since 2008, if you can believe that. And now, eleven years later, I think it has finally happened.

I think I have used up all my words. I have blogged through a quarter of my life, through 3 desktop computers and 2 laptops.

I have been stressing out about this for weeks now before I realised something. It was about time I took my long service leave. Travel to Europe for the summer. That sort of thing.

Except I am not travelling to Europe. I am just going to sit back and wait for my inspiration to return. Now that I have put my thoughts down here, no doubt I will wake up tomorrow full of ideas, stories and yarns to spin.

Oh, self doubt you nasty little bastard! OF COURSE THEY WOULD MISS ME IF I WASNT HERE!

In the meantime, enjoy the latest episode of The Hot Flush. It comes with a NOT SAFE FOR WORK warning.