Over the weekend I celebrated my 46th trip around the sun. In the past, I liked to have basically spent the day feeling stupidly sorry for myself. I would turn off my phone and tell everyone to leave me alone.

Thats the spirit!

But then I had a couple of friends pass away for too early and I realised that I am just fucking lucky to even be here in the first place.

Did you know that basically, according to the research, you have actually ZERO CHANCE OF BEING BORN! Don’t believe me? Go through this… (pinched from here) It is less blurry over there. Shuddup. Am professional.

So instead of bemoaning my day of birth I now celebrate it! I have low expectations from my immediate family so when I was delivered coffee and fresh flowers in bed, I was happy. I had a lovely long lunch by the water in the sun with my girlfriends and I was very happy.

And after some wonderful day drinking of delicious cocktails…

… I felt it was important to send my Mum and Dad, who got divorced when I was seven, the following text.

Thank goodness you both made me. Thank you for having sexy time 47 years ago, A job well done!

So I am off now, on my next trip around the son, and I am so fucking lucky I have the chance to do it. Now, lets make it a good one Mrs. Woog.

How many trips around the sun have you taken? Do you consider yourself lucky?