I will ‘ell you wha’ i ‘ave bin up ‘o!

The office hasn’t changed since I have decided to dust off the old keyboard and return from long service leave. Most people have advised me that long service leave should at least be a four month break, but after just a few weeks, my monkey brain was becoming full, and the only way I can empty it is my putting pen to paper, or in my case, fingers to keyboard.

So, what have I been up to on my writing break? I have been eating. A lot.

I have been butting heads with the older one. A lot. Teenagers are hard.

I have been attending many dance performances.

I have spent some time in the studio with my friend.

Had some quality time with Chuy is is getting quite long in the tooth these days….

And I filmed a segment with Kim for The Today Show which I THINK will air on Friday. I went in too HARD on the bronzer so please, keep your thoughts and comments to yourself, or at least do the polite thing and talk about it behind my back.

I am also ashamed to admit that I have also, in my attempt to keep my mind occupied, become completely addicted to Love Island UK which is just about the most horrendous show ever but I love it so much I am actually walking around speaking in a cockney accent.

I’s like a motahs crash. I don’ wan’ ‘o butcher’s hook bu’ i canno‘ ‘elp i’. I’ is a weakness.

So yes, thats about it. Eating, watching, speaking and patting the cat. Not a bad way to spend my long service leave.

Oh and in case you are wondering, no. I didn’t get a fucking gold watch for my trouble and effort. I just got about 6 kilos. From the eating.

Bu’ enough abou’ me. Wha’ ‘ave you bin up ‘o? keepin busy?