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Once a week I get an email from Country Road showing me new things in store and letting me know that I have a birthday bonus to spend. I tend to shop in-store at Chatswood Chase because the ladies who work there are super friendly and one of them, Judy, is a WoogsWorld reader and knows what I like to wear and always points me in the right direction.

Snaps for Judy!

Anyway, they have begun to include, in this newsletter, a series on inspirational women answering questions while modelling the latest offerings from the label. it is called LIVE WITH US and it helps us to try to be better.

This weeks email featured a gorgeous model by the name of Vanessa Breuer, who has beautiful children and a freakin hot husband. So I thought I would go forth and put myself in her shoes for her interview questions…

Vanessa So, why did you decide to relocate to Ibiza?

“At first we only wanted to stay for a year. We had our first daughter in Australia and decided to sell my apartment in New York and use the money to have a real break from work, travel and just be with our baby. It was a fantastic year but it was over quickly and we felt like staying another year. After that I was pregnant again, and we are still on the island now! It’s a beautiful spot for children to grow up.”

Mrs Woog – So, why did you decide to relocate to Lindfield?

Look, I am not one for the suburbs. I liked the hustle and the bustle of the city but as the kids got bigger, Mr. Woog started making noises about how it was more affordable in the suburbs. And there were good schools in this area.

I told him to “Fuck off, there is no way I am moving north of Falcon Street. You are going to have to put me in a straight jacket.”

That was seven years ago, and we are still here.

Vanessa – And what is it that you love most about island life?

“Everything is slower on an island. At first we had to get used to it. It would drive me mad that you can’t run in anywhere‚ quickly to get something. People are in no rush, they take their time but now I really appreciate the slower life. I also feel safe on the island with my children. And where I live it is quiet and peaceful. I need that to balance my crazy work life.”

Mrs Woog – And what is it that you love most about suburban life?

Well, people are far more considerate about picking up their dog shit now, after my campaign of terror was successful back in 2017. Our local IGA proudly boasts the record for having the highest sales in champagne IN THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY, and I have found a tribe of women who like to contribute to making that record stick. I am also pleased that we have a wide variety of Uber Eats in which to choose from and I am not sure you can get that in Ibiza!

Vanessa – If vacation is a state of mind, what does it mean to you?

“Harmony and quietness.”

Mrs Woog – If vacation is a state of mind, what does it mean to you?

“Slightly toasted and vacant”

Vanessa – How would you describe your ideal vacation?

“The perfect blend of culture, fun and relaxation. I love exploring new places, eating different foods and immersing myself into a different history. Just lying on the beach isn’t my kind of thing I get terribly bored. I love exploring cities like Berlin that have so much to offer. ”

Mrs Woog – How would you describe your ideal vacation?

Villa somewhere hot with my girlfriends. Maybe Spain so I can go visit Vanessa. Fried food available 24-7. Beach. Nice looking waiters who are a bit flirty with old ladies who perve on them. About 3 months should do it.

Vanessa – How do you approach dressing for vacation?

“I am all about comfort. I take clothes that don’t need to be ironed and that are easy to wear. I love loose-fit dresses that I can dress up with some jewellery. ”

Mrs Woog – How do you approach dressing for vacation?

I treat myself to a fresh pair of reg grundies each and every day!

You can shop Vanessa’s style HERE.

This is not a sponsored post, just a post from a jealous old moll who cannot seem to get warm and is “enjoying” a staycation at home when it appears the rest of the world is in swimwear in exotic locations.

What is one of the most treasured holiday memories with your family?