Beauty Essentials

I will never forget when my mum bought me my first lipstick. It was at the GEE BEE counter (Grace Brothers attempt at trying to be cool) and it was not dissimilar to this.

Just a lovely, subtle introduction to makeup, don’t you think? Everyone else was wearing a pale simmering pink. Mum continues to have a love of a bright lip.

“You need a stronger lip…” She said to me only last week.

We kids of the 80’s were BRUTAL when it came to beauty treatments. Get a zit? Dab some metho onto in AND FEEL THAT HISSING BURN!

And were you even a real girl if you didn’t scrub the shit out of your face with that harshed of products, St Ives Walnut Scrub before smothering it in highly perfumed Oil of Ulay. (Now just called Olay). Even better if you combined the scrub with a Buff Puff. How we had any skin left, I will never know.

If you were going to a party, your bubble skirt would sit atop a set of pins that you may have used this product on. I was obsessed with it.

Your leg hair would be growing back before you even got the chance to hit the dancefloor to “Get into the Groove…”

Hands up, (and don’t forget I can see you) if you ever used this?

Now keep your hand up if it did nothing but make your hair orange, then snap off. I see that there are many of us suckers.

Now perfume. I loved the urine of the songstress of the queen of cool, Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson.

Basically they milked cats of their piss, packaged it and flogged it to idiots like me.

Can you name one beauty product from your youth that you couldn’t live without?