Smashing it

People who work as online entrepreneurs like to make Facebook Videos, explaining to their followers how they are SMASHING their business and personal goals, and if you sign up for their course, they will explain how you to can SMASH it, by starting online courses to sell to your followers.

And around, around it goes… Why not? It seems to be working!

Lately, we Woogs have been SMASHING it, albeit in a different way. Jack’s Aerobics team PIZAZZ, smashed it up on the Gold Cast last week when they were awarded 5th in the National Aerobics Championships! So many high kicks and jazz hands. It was truly awesome.

When he got back, Horatio lifted one eyebrow and said..

“5th? That’s not winning…”

And then a huge fight broke out so I went into my bedroom and had a cry.

Last weekend, it was Horatio’s turn in the SMASHING arena. He got SMASHED on Saturday in his rugby league final and then SMASHED the opposition on Sunday during his rugby union grand final and finished the season by being on the end of a high tackle, resulting in his nose being SMASHED.

And that is why I spend yesterday doing the merry dance of medical appointments. I am currently feeling smashed myself.

How are you feeling? Are you SMASHING it?

Or whimpering in the corner?