A Fine Romance

Pre-children years, Mr Woog and I would quite often go out for coffee and cake after dinner. Looking back, the thought of drinking coffee after noon is hilarious and having sugar that close to bedtime perilous. But we were young and carefree, with a devil may care attitude.

Then along came the boys and our entire life changed, as it tends to do. We would try to go out to a cafe for breakfast and one of them would do a shit tsunami, then the other one would scream the place down and more often than not we would just leave money on the table and make our exit.

Then they grew up and are so bloody busy with so many activities that we rarely are all in the same room together. Dinner has to be something that can be re-heated. Sometimes I wish I had normal children who had an x-box addiction. Weekends away are a pipe dream due to tutoring, rehearsals and games. The romance factor has been hanging dangerously low, apart from the odd tit grab in the laundry.

But this week Mr. Woog and I walked into our local butchers and announced that it was just the two of us for dinner that night. The group of butchers all suggested bubble baths, champagne and all of that other typical crap, but I had another idea.

“Tim, no sausages or mince for the Woogs tonight. I will take five of your French trimmed lamb cutlets!”

Seriously, stuff your cappuccinos and your friands (whatever happened to them by the way?) and give that lovely couple some lamb lollypops!

Later that evening, we toasted ourselves for 24 years of togetherness and reminisced about the days were you couldn’t GIVE lamb chops away, and as kids we sat down to a plate of them every second night.

Then we stacked the dishwasher, he went off to watch Netflix while I continued on my missive to be fully dedicated to the Law and Order SVU Marathon, which is having a dreadful impact on my sleeping pattern and making me desensitised to rape, blood and murder.


Whats the last romantic thing you have done?