How to live longer

Most people who know me know that I LOATHE Winter. I become a grumpy, anti-social, roomy and gloomy. I hate being cold. Grey skies and general malaise engulfs my mood.

When I lived in London I was young and hopeful, optimistic at the future so the weather didn’t bother me. But by jolly hockey sticks, when the three days of summer did arrive each year, those Brits were beside themselves with glee. All the frowns were turned upside down, as they stripped off their civvies during their lunch break to expose their limbs to the elements.

Side note. If you ever travel to Asia, you might notice that you get called “Aussie” by people in the streets. This always puzzled me. How did they know? Once, I stopped and asked one lady. She told me that they could tell people who were from Australia due to our wrinkly skin…

Anyway, with Spring now upon us, I am typing this while wearing shorts. I have no shoes on. I am the perfect temperature. It is 29 degrees which is my perfect temperature. Mr Woog prefers 25. I have all the windows open, the front door too. The postman just visited. I had to sign for a package. The dog barked at him, and he pulled out a smacko and fed it too her.

*The package was a copy of my contract for my 5 book deal with Allen and Unwin, along with the first rights from a Hollywood Production Company to turn the books into films starring Kate Hudson and Liam Hemsworth.

I walked back inside, stopping to admire my complexion in the mirror, that was completely fuzz free thanks to my Influencer Deal i pulled off with a collaboration with Sydney Laser clinics. The work I completed saw a %1726 increase in bookings. I was particularly influential in Maroubra.

My boys both came to me together. One had a fresh coffee in his hands while the other had a freshly made stack of pancakes. They did that, they told me, because they really appreciate everything I do for them, and that they love me unconditionally. They left me to enjoy my treat while they went and folded the laundry stack.

I listened to their innocent boyish banter and wondered how I got so lucky….

Anyway, enough about me. You are here to find out how to live longer.

According to the Boston University, who conducted a new study about longevity, they came up with the following summary.

“After decades of research, a new study links optimism and prolonged life. Researchers have found that individuals with greater optimism are more likely to live longer and to achieve ‘exceptional longevity,’ that is, living to age 85 or older.”

Now, to me, 29 is the perfect temperature and 85 is my perfect age to exit stage left. You hopefully still have a full set of marbles and can get about your day without defecating oneself.

So with my new found optimism (which of course is complete bullshit and kicked in when I typed that *) I shall go forth and see only the good in the world. Must not turn on the news.

Where do you sit on the Optimist Pessimist sliding scale?