Date Night + GIVEAWAY

I first met Mr Woog when he was working at our local bookshop. I had made his acquaintance previously at random social events, and I always liked the cut of his jib. Which didn’t say much about my taste as he wore head to toe bushmen wear, with elephant ear pants, a platted leather belt and RM Williams riding boots.

I was a smitten kitten.

It took eight years for him to propose to me. He told me that he just wanted to be one hundred percent sure that I was that gal for him. This means that we have now been together longer than we have been apart, And I think that is pretty cool.

As well get older, more eccentric, parenting teenagers and manage to cope with hectic curveballs that life throws at us, it is harder to take time out, or even make the effort to spend some quality time together.

And I know that this is the case for many of you as well.

I do not do a lot of corporate work on this little blog of mine these days, it has to be super amazing for me to put my hand up. But I got an email from the lovely Lisa from Open Air Cinemas this week who wanted to know if I was keen to give away a couple of ultra cool date nights to my gorgeous readers.

I told her that it would have to be pretty good. No dodgy pizza vouchers. So we came up with this.

“Prizes, how about 3 x pairs of AMAZON PRIME passes? Winners can pick any movie?”

I wrote back to Lisa, asking her exactly what that meant…

“Includes a bean bag, a blanket, wait service, popcorn and Giesen wine (or non-alcoholic beverage).”

So Lisa, what does that actually look like?

And I thought that looked like a pretty good night out. and the best thing is, you can choose which movie you want to see and Lisa* will personally tuck you in under your blanket.

You can even take your dog!

So, I have three double passes to give away to get your date night back on track.

Then just leave a comment on this blog post, HELL YES MRS WOOG! and I will get Randy. Org to choose 3 winners that will be announced on Tuesday 12th November.

Apologies if your event has already been held in your area. No one said I was perfect. But have a crack and the best of luck!

*Lisa is so not going to tuck you in. And this post is not sponsored x