One Wedding and Five Funerals

Because life is not all kittens and skittles, today I am going off script a bit. I thank you for your ear.

Twenty years or so ago, I was averaging four weddings and a funeral per year. Those numbers have flipped since then.

I prefer the former, understandably so.

They say that grief is the price you pay for love, and it would have to be the hardest price to ever pay. Grief is a tricky bugger of an emotion to deal with.

At first you are in denial, that you just cannot believe what has happened. Even when your loved one was terminal and death was expected, it is still very hard to get your head around that it has actually happened.

It is overwhelming and you feel so fucking helpless.

Then you can get angry, as the sense of loss kicks in and none of it makes sense. It is your defence mechanism arriving in, as it tries to protect you. This stage can stay with you for a long time and can come back to visit you, even years later.

Then you start to question things. What could I have done to change the outcome. The truth of the matter is mainly, not much. Its that pain again and you are trying to find answers.

And finally, when time passes, in some cases in marches that mean old bastard depression. And it is perfectly ok to feel this way, but if the days are turning into weeks, please go and see a GP to get some help recalibrating yourself.

So I go off to another one this week. Had one last week, a particularly bad one that had me sobbing for two straigh hours. So if you are listening, whoever is in charge of these things out there, my Death Dance Card for 2019 is well and truly full.

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