Circling The Drain

Something interesting happened yesterday. I shared on my Facebook page a photo of my fingernails. Apologies and trigger warning goes out to my friend Faux Fuchsia.

Chipped nail polish revolts her.

Pretty gross to some I suppose. Picking off shellac is not for the faint hearted. Anyway, I captioned the photo with the following…

Self care is just so important. Once you start to let things slide, it’s a slippery dip into being a social pariah. So dramatic I know….

But let’s speak frankly. What is an early warning sign that you are starting to slide, mood wise? 

There are no wrong answers.

Mrs Woog’s Facebook Page of Legends

And then I didn’t think too much about it as I was focusing on Love Island, my one true love. Go get him Cartier… So this morning I logged into facebook and was absolutely overwhelmed with the responses.

  • Not being able to get out of bed, not showering and sleeping a lot, isolating myself.
  • Showering becomes too much effort. Three days without a shower is when I know things are Bad and gonna get worse.
  • Going back to bed after the school run
  • Nothing brings joy. Actually maybe that’s not the first thing….
  • Anxiety pain in my chest and insomnia.

There were dozens and dozens of women all circling the drain, as I like to call it. Whether it be something as silly as unpolished nails, to something more serious like not being able to leave the house, my heart broke a fair bit. Then then there was this comment…

Goodness, it’s like reading a checklist with all of these comments!!! It’s really nice to know that I’m not alone in my nutty head at the moment.

And that is just that. We are NOT ALONE in our weirdness. Some days are dreadful but some days are diamonds. So I thought I would share a few things that I do when I feel the pull of that fucking drain.

First up, I acknowledge it. I don’t try to figure it out, I notch it up to a shit day and be so kind to myself. I treat myself like I would treat a friend who turned up at my doorstep in a state.

I have rituals. After dinner, I take a long shower and then cover myself in lotion. In the mornings, I make my bed straight away so I am not tempted to crawl back into it. This sometimes doesn’t always work.

I debrief everyday on the phone with a friend. A proper chin was, chew the fat type exchange. I tend to do boring jobs like unpack the dishwasher while doing this.

I have biggish thing to look forward to every week.

Another really interesting thing that I have noticed is that when my movement (walking) is nil and void it is a direct reflection of my mood. I use the step counter thingy on my iPhone to keep track. If I haven’t done any proper walking for a while, I can guarantee you that I am in the midst of being a Debbie Downer.

I also write a blog and this is HUGE therapy for me. Give it a go. Why the hell not.


Ok, you rude cow! I won’t. But I will just pop this here and wait for you to thank me later…

It is also this time of year that is a killer for us. The overwhelm of everything that is expected of us is utter bullshit. So I think we need to give ourselves all the gift of giving the world a collective stabby middle finger.

You are not alone. None of us are. xx