On the Twelfth​ Day of Christmas,​ the Universe gave to me, Some root canal in upper molar three.

Did you know that if you drink a fuck tonne of carbonated water, your teeth chuck a tantrum and start to crumble?

I did not know this until yesterday.

I have spent the best part of this year ignoring a tiny niggle in my upper molar. Turns out an old filling had cracked in half and the tooth began to resemble the back streets of Los Angeles, such was the detritus and filth. The niggle had started to turn into a symphony, and then just stabbing with a hot poker.

My regular dentist, fully aware of my gold star drama queen status, referred me to a more steely dentist who will spend this afternoon giving me 4 injections, a green whistle to suck on, essential oils to snort and probably a bit of Enya going on in the background.

So for this Christmas, I am finally getting my Drama Queen Crown. But sadly, not for my head. But for a place where no one is ever going to be able to admire it.

Merry Christmas to me!

Also, there is a new episode of The Hot Flush available for your consideration. Its been a rough few weeks, so do not listen if you are seeking enrichment and enlightenment.