What to do if you get bitten by a dog.

It’s been a very busy few weeks here at Woogsworld with plenty of highs and lows to test even the most sturdy of souls, of which I am not so fuck I am chasing those highs when I can!

We welcomed a new member to the circus. Meet Dusty Springfield Woog, an adorable ball of fluff fresh from the Blacktown Pound. We bonded immediately due to the fact that deep down, we are both Westies. That is an old fashioned word for Bogan.

She walked in like she owned the joint which she actually now does. Isobel Barbara fell in love immediately. Chuy Lewis took one look at her, looked at me, hissed like a snake at fucked off down to Douglas’s house where he remains.

Douglas and I had a discussion about how we move forward and we are officially co-parenting. Douglas is delighted but I miss that cranky old bastard. He pops in occasionally.

Anyway, so I recently took Dusty Springfield up to meet Hot Doctor Nick for a health check and she checked out perfectly. He did mention that her stitches from her de-sexing was done by a forth year vet student, but the scar should settle down soon.

I asked if they had a small collar, but he told me to try Pet O in Chatswood.

It triggered me, for it was at Pet O where I was bitten by a large dog just last week. I told him about it and he snapped his head around and looked at me straight in the eye.

“Kayte,” he said very seriously. “If that ever happens again you are to scream at the top of your lungs and launch yourself onto the floor, wailing. It would even be better if you could wet your pants. My brother is a lawyer.”

So I thought that this advise might be useful for all of you, because you never know, do you. You just never know.