How I was bullied on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram turns ten years old this year? Invented in America Kevin and Mike, in was purchased by the Dark Overlord Of the Interwebs and Personal Data Mining Magnate, Facebook founder Darth Zuckerberg. It cost him ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

Pretty young things leapt on the platform, which saw things like DUCK FACE becoming a thing. It also was the beginning of the rise of the Instagram Influencer, of which many have gone on to make a fucking fortune from.

Apparently there is quite an art to it, and according to some influencers it is a very hard job to do. Personally I think it CAN be a pretty dodgy, unregulated industry where you can buy followers and join things called ‘comment pods’ where you sign up, put your hand on your heart and swear that you will like and comment on every single members of that comment pod within 24 hours or you will self destruct. It is a bit like “vote for me and I will vote for you” and it belongs in the…

I have a little Instagram account which you can check out HERE. It mainly documents my washing, things that are irritating me, food, animals and food.

In 2016, Darth introduced Instagram Stories, where you can make little films of you pouting into the camera and they will stay live for 24 hours. People like to use this feature to show us how they exercise. I use it to promote blog posts as I am not a great GRAMMER, but more of a blogger.

Which is why I am getting to the point of this post. You see I had filmed my computer, uploaded it to IG Stories and thought nothing of it.

Later, when I opened Instagram, I was bombarded with messages about the state of my keyboard. You see, it is better to be perfect on Instagram, and let us just say that this was less than perfect.

“I have no idea how you can live like that”

“Ever heard of a baby wipe, you filthy cretin!”

“GAG! My eyeballs!”

On and on it went and I felt so ashamed. I felt judged, that I was not living my besets and truest #authentic #squadgoals life. I was mistaken when I thought Instagram was a platform free from trolls, and that feeds should be filled with ladies with long hair in fields looking on whimsically as they hold out there dress for you to admire and click though to purchase. Babies, puppies and kittens, I want to see you. I want to admire your avocado on toast and I want to be able to do all of this, and contribute to it without the imminent threat of facing the wrath of the villagers descending down my virtual garden path, baying for my blood.

They say to ignore the bullies. But they were just to insistent. Please forgive me, for I do not know right from wrong when it comes to these things.


Because I know you are going to ask, I used Huggies Gentle Touch Baby Wipes which are currently on sale at Coles. Use to code GET FUCKED to get 0% off.

Have you ever been publicly shamed on Instagram?