How not to buy whitegoods.

Last night, I don’t know why and I have learnt not to question anything I do, I walked past our fridge and did an Intagram Story telling everyone not to buy this particular fridge and then I went to sleep.

Overnight, people got worried.

I woke this morning to at least a hundred messages asking me why they should not buy it. Rather than explaining it individually, I thought I would pop it down here.


You may recall in early December we had a storm so violent, it had us in blackout for a week. Read about it HERE.

When the power came back on, our loyal and trusted Fisher and Paykel fridge which we have had since we were married, decided she had had all she could take and blew up.

She was a traditional fridge in every sense of the world. White, with a mat silver handle. Freezer up the top and fridge down below. She was the custodian of many a school permission form and a handy place in which to store x-rays of broken arms on the top of. I liked her very much, but she was gone and there was nothing I could to to bring her back.

So we went to the local Good Guys (SEXIST! The chick who works there sold us the best washing machine ever Fisher and Paykel Washsmart 9 Litre thanks for asking) and begin sniffing around for a replacement.

Mr Woog works under the guise that cheap is good but free is better, and found an upside (freezer on the bottom etc) fridge on sale.

The Samsung Black Upside Down Fridge of Doom.

Do not buy it HERE

So why don’t we recommend it?

Well, firstly I didn’t realise that it opened the way we were used to, which isn’t really the fridges fault. I should have been paying attention.

Dispite looking quiet roomy it holds very little, either that or we eat too much. That wine rack thingy looked appealing but we ended up taking it our because of the real estate value it was holding.

But it is the freezer draws that actually do my head in.

Each time you want to access something from the freezer, the tubs come off their tracks and it makes you cry. Mr Woog cannot deal with this at all. You then have to do ten minutes of deep breathing or a quick meditation before attempting to wrestle them back onto their tracks.

Brooke from Instagram agrees with me.

“I agree – I have a Samsung – not enough space, shelving is rubbish, constantly cleaning the front…ERGH!!” Cranky face emoji x 3.

And this, from Jane from Instagram.

“My parents just bought a black Samsung and they HATE it!”

So many times you see bloggers and “influencers” praising the benefits of a certain product and this is because they are getting paid to do so. I am not getting paid to do so, but if I had my time again I would have spent the extra coin and gotten this.

This must be an enthralling read for you all!

What type of fridge do you have and would you recommend it?