Stressful Times

It is in stressful times that we can all be a little bit of an asshole. This is because we worry, which causes tension and anxiety which can then be released in unhelpful ways.

This week I was publicly schooled by a reader of mine. I appreciated her candour as she gave me her opinion on something I had written. Rather than lashing back at her, I let her words sit with me, searching for anything that might be construed as helpful. And I ended up agreeing with her!

Then we made out on the couch.

That last bit I made up.

Just with these fires, and the thought of war, and the townships that have been destroyed, the lack of any meaningful leadership, people are getting cranky. Like my mate Frank here, who left me this lovely note.

I never said, Frank, that I was a great writer. But I like doing it. Secretly I was a bit thrilled. Trolling is so 2009 so I am feeling quite retro while trying to remain relevant. I have been writing horribly here since 2007.

I suppose what I am trying to say today that people are worried. They are hurting. Businesses face massive losses and we have seen things that we cannot unsee.

My grandma used the say “You cannot take back the spoken word” and this is true with the written one as well. Before you point out that I might be a little hypocritical as I write and tweet about contentious issues, I now know where they come from. A place of fear.

Now, I am not going to go all Pollyanna on your ass. I have made plenty of mistakes in the past and I will make a billion more. But I will have this a little more in my sub conscious.

Thank whoever you choose for the amazing Firefighters and Animal Rescue Folk. You are giving me some much needed warm fuzzies.