An open apology to Karen

Derived from the name Katherine, Karen is originally a Danish name, meaning “pure”. Hitting peak popularity in the ’60s, why has this name become what we associate to be a middle-aged, privileged white woman who is generally obnoxious?

In a recent blog post, I called out Karen for jumping the gun on the fact that I drank my coffee from a keep cup. A keep cup is a cup that you keep. Like this one.

It helps you feel smug about protecting the planet, despite the fact that the beans were quite possibly handpicked by Guatemalan orphans.

Anyway, I later received an email from a reader called Karen, asking why we are all Karen bashing on the internet. I have mulled this over and am now mortified.

During the late 2010s, the name “Karen” was used in a similar vein as “Becky”, to refer to a busybody middle-aged woman making formal complaints about trivial activities. source

Now looking in the mirror, I see staring back at me a busybody middle-age woman who complains. Why just yesterday on what the most humid day in history, at Canteen duty, drenched in sweat as I served teenagers sausage rolls while standing next to a fucking putridly hot pie oven, as the other volunteers who I dearly love, bumped into me and sweated on me while I returned the favour, I yelled….


I recently had a good old whine about my stupid new Samsung Fridge which I want to take to with a chainsaw.

And my name I NOT Karen.

Do you honestly think busybody middle aged women LIKE making complaints about things that piss us off?


So for all your Karens in the world, (there are roughly 1.981000 of you. Start a Facebook Page immediately) I apologise.

I think it time we embraced our Karens. My Huffy Puffy trainer is called Karen, and a more agreeable person you could not meet. Other Karens of note are the dearly departed Karen Carpenter and of course, the best Karen that was…

Karen, it is time to hand the baton onto the newly minted Generation Alphas. The most popular girls name in 2019 was OLIVIA.

Tag Olivia. You’re it!

Do you know a Karen? Go and apologise immediately!