What’s taken the shine off shopping?

When I was in my twenties, before kids and other distractions, there was nothing better than spending my Saturdays with my mates, shopping along Oxford Street in Paddington. We would always end up having a glass of Chardonnay at the Paddo Inn and pour over each others purchases.

Then Westfield Bondi Junction opened and Oxford Street? Well you could lay down on the road and not get hit.

And then along came the human ATM’s and I found myself paying for ballet lessons, not ballet flats from Sambag, which has since gone under.

Enter Retails Killing Season.

Sambag has since been joined by Harris Scarf, McWilliams Wines, EB Games, Bardot, Jeanswest, Ed Harry, Napoleon Perdis, Shoes of Prey, Karen Millen and today it was announced that Collette by Collete Hayman has gone into administration.

No, you have not stumbled accidentally on the Financial Review, its still me, Mrs. Woog. But I just wanted to know from you.


With the closure of so many chain stores, I went in search for some answers. I called Mr Woog at work.

“Darling, why are so many chain stores closing?”

“Well, there are problems with retail rents continually going up annually while wage increases have remained stagnant for a decade. Consumer confidence is at an all-time crisis, the ongoing importing issues, our primary producing capabilities have been irregular, while the current… something…something…something…China……..”

“Thanks. Thats all I need.”

“What’s for dinner?”

“Tacos. I am going to trivia.”

Saturday mornings are now for dropping kids off to things, having a coffee, reading the SMH cover to cover, foraging for food at various over-priced but delightful deli’s and seeing who is about for a glass of vino at 5pm with cheeses from said deli.

Not jostling for position at K-Mart to make sure you get one of their new flat packed must have put it on instagram and #kmartgoals nasty arm-chairs.

I used to live shopping back when the actual experience was an enjoyable one. Where you could park without having to take a Xanax and when it didn’t cost a million dollars for the privilege. Where it wasn’t stressful at the checkout station. I was at Aldi’s last week and almost had a panic attack at the registry. What is up with that?

Anyway, enough whining from me today. Shut up Nareen. I still think I am suffering from heatstroke from Saturday.

But I need to know…

Where do you shop for your clothes?

Online? Standing in front of a girl, asking her to take your cash for goods and/or services?