What the hell was that?

Well, I do not know about you, but I did not like that at all. I discovered that I am not suited to living the hermit life, it really fucked with my brain.

Up and down and up and down. I opened this computer up this morning for the first time in ages to write down some words only to find that someone had been googling the Family Helpline. So it turns out, that I was not the only one that was totally fed up with isolation.

It has been like living with two huge, caged tigers who liked to fight. A lot. A new game called MurderBall was not a highlight.

Overall, I think I might have performed a solid 8 out of ten during the peachier parts. I had to keep reminding myself that this situation was even harder for the boys as, being the social/sporty beings that they are, the were literally rattling the cage.

I spent a LOT of time doing deep breathing exercising and meditations in a quiet room. Bursting into tears for no really good reason was also common practice.

When the whole lockdown began, I was ok. I was going to get on top of the house, cook delicious new dinners, declutter everything and just become the most excellent Susie-homemaker that I know was hidden deep within.

Turns out that my Susie was Slovenly. She was very tired all the time despite doing little to no physical activity. She offered up scrambled eggs for dinner a lot. The washing pile grew and grew until everyone just kept shopping from the baskets. She was a snappy bitch. Nobody liked her.

Susie was a big fan of laying in bed watching Netflix and Stan. She is now very intelligent about the short fallings of all social and medical systems in America, thanks to binge-watching Louis Theroux documentaries on Stan. A deeply hidden sexual desire was awakened while watching Normal People, again streaming on Stan.

Dr. Norman Swan delivered Susie helpful, measured information while she also started becoming addicted to his strong Scottish Accent.

Susie liked to eat Maggie Two Minute Noodles on the couch in front of Dr Phill. Susie also liked to watch The Super Nanny to make her feel better about her own parenting. Susie became lax about her personal hygiene.

Susie was not my friend.

Susie was a fucking drag so this morning, as I opened the door for the kids after ten weeks, I kept it open for a while afterwards, so Susie the Sloth could bugger off as well. So far, so good.

And I am feeling so much better.

How did you go during Iso 2020?