You will not believe what happened next?

This is Instagram star Tammy Hembrow. She is a successful businesswoman who “flaunts her enviable curves.” She can be found in The Daily Mail Website on most days.

If there was one thing that was certain in my childhood, it was the fact that my parents would park their asses on the couch every Sunday night at 7.30pm and wait for the tick, tick, tick, tick sound grab that would herald the opening of 60 Minutes.

Then the magnificent cast of reporters including George, Ray, Ian and a ravishing Jana would open up the world and beam it into every television in suburban Australia, bringing tales of wild exotic fancy to our mundane lives. It is one of our longest running television series, just behind Here’s Humphrey.

I must confess to becoming less and less interested in current affairs as I get longer in the tooth. This is because I used to invest too much emotional mental bandwidth into the sensationalised bullshit that is on offer and my obsessive media consumption over the decades has turned me into a cynical bastard.

However, this past Sunday night saw me flicking around the tube until the screen was filled with two, white, middle-aged men driving around LA in a Rolls Royce. How relatable. It was tv star Karl Stefanovic and radios host Kyle Sandilands. At first glance, it appeared that they were heading home from a night out a strip club with a skin full. Three adjectives that come to mind was red, sweaty and bloated. Which, to be fair could be used to describe me at times.

The content and story was rock bottom.


We are screaming for content. Blogging is not refereed to as writing anymore. It is all about consuming content, creating content, collaborating content, judging content, critiquing content and planning content. Social media influencers now consider themselves “Content Creators”, mainly, I suspect anyway, because the word INFLUENCER is so CRINGE.

I am interested to see how the media will change over the coming years, with COVID 19 giving us the gift of time to consider how much we pollute our brain with vapid, meaningless drivel while Instagram continues to corrupt our kids offering up exaggerated images of the unattainable. Magazines with continue to close, websites will continue to take cash for glossed up advertising “editorials”, while washed up Instagram stars whose sun has truly set grapple with trying to remain relevant as they switch their sights to a platform called Tik Toc which is a dance app for children.

The Australian Media was due for a huge correction, but will boobs replace brains?

What media are you committed to?