A History of Eyebrows

Do you ever look at your face in a mirror and ponder why you have two strips of hair randomly placed above your eyes? Do you ever wonder why there is a multi-million business attached to those two random strips of hair?

It has been two and a half months since I gave any thought to them whatsoever, so naturally I am going in hard now, to overthink nd ponder why we fuss over them so much, and how they have become a fashion statement in their own right.

Eyebrows serve physical purpose. They are there to prevent dust and sweat from sliding down ones brow and into ones eyeball. Your eyelashes are your eye’s last line of defence.

Let’s look back on popular eyebrow styles through the decades

1920’s. Here is Anna May Wong rocking some sad brows. Maintenance factor would be high.

1930’s. Billie Holiday said fuck those sad little eyebrows and let hers thicken up a bit.

1940’s. Although now well known for maternal instincts, Joan Crawford could rock an aggressive brow as millions of women around the world threw away their tweezers.

1950’s. Still thick but for tamed. Not one of these brow hairs would DARE step out of line, according to Elizabeth Taylor.

1960’s. They say that fashion runs in cycles, which is my I have a pair of tartan culottes hanging in my wardrobe. In the 60’s the tweezers made an appearance as we swing back to a more refined look. Take it away, Twiggy!

1970’s. Again, pushing the millimetres with a few extra hairs, it is the fabulous Foxy Brown! aka Pam Grier. Love you Pam!

1980’s. Brooke Shields threw those fucking stinging pricks right out the car window and embraced the full brow like it was nobodies business. Also, The Blue Lagoon was the first sex scene I ever watched. Nothing to do with brows, but worth noting anyway. Speaking of sexy, while researching this very important article, I discovered that Donald Trump was a keen suitor of Brook, but she was not interested. Brains AND Beauty!

1990’s. The decade that style forgot. Once again, the fashion cycle returns and we are now dealing with this. Kate Moss. No Brows. Just a hint. I always wonder why she seems so sad… maybe the pain from all that plucking.

2000! – A new century left Victoria Beckham deeply suspicious about Kate’s trend and defiantly put her eyebrows into rehabilitation. We followed suit.

2010 – And we have come the full full full circle again, as displayed here by the ever glum Cara Delevingne.

2020’s. We literally do not give a fuck.

How would you describe your brows at the moment?