Fingers and toes

So, I hauled my ass off to the waxing/nail place yesterday where I dropped a wedge of cash and came out sans claws and fur and MAN did it feel good. I had heard from several mates that it is good practice for ones mental health and I would have to agree. I also had an inch of dead skin removed from the soles of my feet so now I am officially the shortest member of the family.

Fingers and toes.

Aren’t they useful things? Useful and also very painful when things go wrong with them.

Have you ever had an ingrown toenail? Anything that grows from your body, has a good look around and decides that it is not for them and tries to escape back into said body is sure to cause you maximum discomfort. Hair and nails are famous for this practice.

When I used to trim my own toenails, I would usually end up with an ingrown nail. When it gets infected, you certainly know about it.

Have you ever kicked something with an infected ingrown toe nail? It would cause a Gladiator to immediately fall to the ground, crying out in immense pain.

FACT – You actually can see stars!

Last week, I was in the bathroom washing my face. I pulled open the bathroom vanity draw and stuck my hand in, trying to locate a hair band, when all of a sudden a rush of pain signalled to my brain that I was in danger. I pulled my hand out to discover that I had made contact with one of Horatio’s disposable razors, and literally had blood pissing from the top of my middle finger.

FACT – Finger cuts bleed a LOT and will throb for about 24 hours.

Just why do finger and toe injuries cause so much pain? They are disproportionally painful, in my opinion.

Ok, so fingers and toes are highly saturated with nerve endings to boost dexterity and help us balance while walking. Yet these receptors also flash to the brain urgent signals of harmful stimuli like fiery heat or skin punctures. The brain interprets those messages as pain and commands hands or feet to pull back.


Other that that nifty bit of information, I hope you are keeping well. I am fine I suppose. Just wracking my brains for things to write about. I believe I might have hit the bottom of the barrel with this post.

The End