Happiness Hacks

In our last lesson, we discussed physical signs you may get when you are running your life on a knife’s edge. If you missed it, please refer to this as this post will probably not make a lot of sense otherwise.

Because we are all friends here (apart from you Frank Pritchard) I am going to share with you something that happened the other night which really make me take a good, long, hard look in the mirror at myself. I found the mystery hair once again appeared from nowhere out of the middle of my forehead…

Anyway, it was the end of a long day and one of my kids was cooking something for Food Tech. What we used to call Home Economics has a sexy new name.

“Make sure you wash that baking dish up.” I said “Do not put in in the dishwasher. It will not wash it properly…”

Fast forward half and hour. I went to put a cup into the dishwasher, only to find the baking dish taking up valuable real estate in the top shelf.

From out of no-where something inside me just snapped.

“DO NOT PUT THE FUCKING BAKING DISH IN THE FUCKING DISHWASHER! IS IT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND!” I cried out to nobody, as I grabbed the dish, smashed it into the sink before falling dramatically into the floor, gasping with dramatic sobs. I do believe there was some arm and leg flailing.

The rest of the family ran into the kitchen, convinced I had cut off a limb, to find me in a puddle of misery.

That was last week’s rock bottom. Then I had to live with the fact that Jack didn’t hear me ask him to hand wash the baking dish because he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids and had his ear pods in watching Tik Tok.

Sheepish would be a word I would use here.

So anyway, after I wrote about hitting the wall, I had several people write in and empathising, for they too were suffering from being burnt out.

“What do we do once we hit the wall?” Was the major theme of these exchanges. Just remember, I am not a trained shrink, but I have spent enough time on the couch to be able to share a few tips.

Do you remember in Sex and the City, Samantha was trying to trick her body into being young again by eating yams? The above chart will give you some pointers on how we can try to salvage some happiness. (If anyone can find the original source please let me know.)

I try to do two from each column every day. A handy tip is that I stick 3 or four-post it notes on my computer each night for things that I need to get done the following day, then physically remove the notes as I get it down.

I take my furry friend for a walk every single day.

Don’t kill me but I meditate. Shut up. Don’t knock it till you try it. Google Andrew Johnson. I would so go out on a date with him, that voice!

Catch up with friends at least once a week. If you are in Victoria, Skype or call. Preferably a mate who will make you laugh.

Listen to the Hot Flush Podcast.

Self care can be as little as brushing your teeth and following a skin care regime. I am currently using this and can recommend it.

Start a blog! Seriously. You can set it to private if you don’t want anyone to ever read it. Ten minutes of writing your thoughts onto paper is truly the best medicine.

Eat! I bloody love food. Take a few extra minutes and make a goddam awesome sandwich. The secret it two condiments… And I am not even kidding. And there is pretty much no situation that hot chips cannot make better.

Acknowledge when you fuck up. I did this after the dishwasher/sink situ.

Treat yourself to something you love. I grabbed these yesterday and they make me happy. Actually, the whole store makes me happy. I have been doing the 3 month of no spending Jan, Feb, March and have pretty much kept going so I thought it was time for something new.

Oh and of course, drink water, don’t listen to talkback radio and DO NOT WATCH HOURS OF PUPPY VIDEOS ON FACEBOOK. (But not the last one. DO this. It is awesome.)

Hope you are all as well as can be expected.

What are your fail-safe happiness hacks?