The Dress that divided the Internet!

My inbox delivered me a treat recently. An email from one of my favourite brands, Country Road, announcing the fact that they have been missing me this year and there are some new things I could consider for Spring. To wear to the mailbox, or perhaps the chemist.

I immediately was transported back to 1989. Armed with a few metres of peacock blue water wave taffeta and a Butterick pattern and instructed Mrs Gascgoine to make me the almost exact same dress as pictured. Except I told her to go in harder on the puffiness of the sleeve and create a sweetheart neckline.

This dress, however, has a feature called “shirring.” Shirring is two or more rows of gathers that are used to decorate parts of garments, usually the sleeves, bodice or yoke. In this case, it is the yoke.

Look at all these new words I am using!

Shirring is also something you might say when you are asked a question after seven vodka tonics.

But let’s get back to the dress.

The issue I have with this dress FOR ME PEOPLE FOR ME, is that the shirring is certainly not sturdy-looking enough to encase the substantial guts that I have been working on for 47 years. Thar she blows! FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Of course, this dress is for anyone who has the confidence to pull it off, however. If I didn’t suspect that Chatswood Chase wasn’t a raving petri-dish of the virus, I would love to have popped in to see Judith and the ladies at my favourite outlet, just to try this dress on.

I would then seek the salesladies out and ask them for their honest opinion. Then we would all fall to the ground in fits of laughter. I would clutch my shirring guts while gasping for air, all the while high fiving them before realise we shouldn’t de doing that at all, so then out comes the hand sanitiser….

But why the dramatic post title Mrs. Woog. Fucking clickbait heading, you should go and work for the Daily Mail…..

I will tell you why. Because I put this dress up on my Instagram Stories and half of the crew clapped and the other half turned green and controversy creates clicks and so, here we are.

Buy the dress HERE.

So, do you like the dress?