The Hot Flush TV Show with other guests who were impressive as hell.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a producer from the SBS asking whether I would be interested in coming onto the program Insights, along with my Hot Flush Podcasting co-host Kim. Now Kim is very well trained in the media where as I have had to learn as I go. And it has not always been smooth sailing.

I once had a full blown panic attack live on air, which almost saw me do a drop and roll. Seriously. My brain was all like GET OFF THE STAGE YOU FUCKING IDIOT BEFORE YOU EMBARRASS YOURSELF. Logical hey. When the camera pans to me there will be no-one but a panic looking host while I planned to crawl towards the door. It was hideous. Ask Babymac. She was next to me.

BUT Susan the Talking Dr told me that if this was the narrative that was deeply entrenched in my brain, it will limit my opportunities to spread my message, that being that women are not alone and we are all amazing in our own imperfect way. Oh, and Dr John Darcy gave me some wonderful advice HERE.

This is from 2013, after I conquered my fears and actually had fun!

This is from 2014. Went hard on the eyebrows black in the day. And it is true, I did crash my car.

Anyway, yesterday I went along to do the filming with a handful of other panellists who all turned out to be brilliant, Mensa types. The topic was Peri-menopause and Menopause.

We went into the studio and I saw this most beautiful looking lady so my no-filter mouth decided to tell her.

“Gosh, you are so pretty!”

So my plan to appear intelligent and sensible took an immediate leave of my person. It was Janice Peterson (See top photo) Kim and I was front and centre on the stage, which was concerning for the both of us considering the calibre of guests they had collected.

3…2…1 ACTION

Janice looked directly at me and asked a question somewhere along the lines as how could I tell when I was reaching peri. I calmly explained that Qantas advertisements left me howling with tears and how I now get the shits super easily over things that didn’t used to bother me.

Thinking back now, I fail to recall a single sensible thing I said. I spoke about how nature try to turn you into a man, with all that facial hair. I cried on the set when a gorgeous young lady spoke about how life had changed for her having gone though the change at 23, and wondered what life would have been like as a mother. We actually all cried at that. I spoke about the toll it can take on one’s mental health and outed myself as a member of Team Lexapro.

Oh, and then I cried again when I spoke of the amazing Hot Flush community. Of course. Fucking emotional idiot that I am.

I could have sat there for days, listening to people like Dr Ginny Mansburg go over facts and figures to support the notion that Doctors need to become more knowledgable when it comes to the treatment on menopause. I listened when Nicola Gates, a super clever clinical neuropsychologist discuss cognitive function and mental wellbeing of women in our age groups and was fascinated when Gynaecologist Dr Talat Uppal discuss how menopause is approached in different cultures.

When we had finished I felt like things are on the turn for us. I would like to see more treatments available under medicare and I want to know why the fuck we are paying through the nose for supplements that MAY assist with symptoms (That will be 99 bucks please) whereas the same amount of viagra costs $13.99.

Viagra you won’t need because hello papery vaginas and goodbye libido!

Well, that kind of got off track hey! Sorry about that.


Our Episode of Insights airs on Tuesday the 8th of September on SBS.