What happens when you stop.

It is a tale as old as time. Well for me anyway.

Last week I took a break from regular programming and went to my friend Caro’s farm, which is just past Crookwell, in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. Like most of you, getting away has been a little tricky this year and I could hear the men folk of Woogsworld breath a sigh of relief when I left. Then I thought “Now you will experience just how much I do for you buggers…’ and positively flounced out door without a backward glance.

As we travelled down through the outskirts of Sydney, housing developments became more spaced apart until eventually we were driving though the countryside.

The trip from Goulbourn to Bigga is one of the most beautiful ones you can take, with rolling hills dotted with old stone cottages. As I looked out the window, taking in the view of mothers and their baby sheep, I notion struck me.

With all this shit going on the the world, all this doom and gloom, anxiety and worry, the world just keeps turning. The mothers have their babies, the crops grow and are harvested. Mother natures cycles stop for no orange madman or virus. It just keeps on rolling, on like the hills.

When at the farm, it is my responsibility to maintain the fire, but Sue already had it roaring when we arrived, which was lovely because it was fucking freezing!

So I stopped. Just stopped. Tended to the fire, took long walks over the paddocks and basically cleared my mind of all the pent up garbage that was using my brain as a storage facility.

Day two saw the arrival of a cold sore.

Day three, welcome irritating head cold!

Why is it, that for a lot of us, when we go on a break we come down with a festy lurgy? So I thought I would do a little detective work so see why is it so.

Ok, so there actually is a thing called Leisure Sickness! According to Dutch Psycologist Prof Vingerhoets’ acute stress may hold off illness, so when you relax you become to susceptible to illnesses such as fatigue, sore throat and nausea. AIN’T THAT FUCKING GRAND!

“Rest and relaxation might be associated with feelings of guilt which can also be a source of stress,” he says.

He reckons that you must start to destress BEFORE you take a break. Punch things, like I do. A Byron Bay Energy Healer called Rita taught me this trick a few years back. . Get a couple of pillows on your bed and go to town on them until you can hardly breathe. I am not sure it was great advice for the value of $150, but my upper arm strength is coming on nicely.

As much as it is Un-Australian, try to avoid a Maccas pit stop on the way there. This is advice that I will never listen to because hot cheeseburger. He just suggests to eat healthy. Dull.

Drink water, exercise, sleep 8 hours, you know, all that shit that we should be doing anyway blah blah blah put down the frozen Coke.

Ever wondered why you cant get a doctors appointment at a small seaside town who relies on tourism? Now you know why.

Do you get sick when you stop?